general questions

What exactly is the ski~mojo?

The ski~mojo is a pair of spring powered knee supports that take around 33% of your body weight off your legs and knees.

It works by having a spring loaded pivot alongside each knee, the part below each pivot is attached to your ski boots and the part on each side above each pivot is connected to a posture strap that runs underneath your back-side, supporting part of your body-weight. As you bend your legs the springs store energy taken from a combination of your weight and gravity, this stored energy gives you support via the posture strap. Part of your body weight is then transferred via the strap and via the pivots into your ski boots, by-passing your legs.

The end effect is that your knees and legs have less weight to support therefore putting less strain on them.

I have knee ligament/cartilage trouble, will it help?

Yes, this is what the ski~mojo is best at. It will benefit you in a number of different ways.

Firstly, the ski~mojo will reduce the load your knees have to endure by around 33% thus reducing the stress your knees are subjected to. This will allow you to be more in control of your skis, reducing the risk of further injury and reducing or eliminating any pain or discomfort that you may normally be accustom to.

Secondly, as our system is based around springs, it is like having a built-in suspension system, just like a car. Normally when skiing you get constant "chatter" going through your knees which can cause irritation and subsequent swelling of the knee. The ski~mojo absorbs this this chatter and any compressions or impacts and reduces the pressure on the knee.

I have hip/back trouble, will it help me?

Yes, the ski~mojo reduces the amount of body weight your legs and knees have to support by around 33%. It is like having a pair of hands underneath your back side holding you up in position and nursing you down the slope, Also, as our system is based around springs and it is like having a built in suspension system, just like a car. Normally when skiing you get constant "chatter" going through your whole body; the spring system reduces the stress and vibration/jolting that your back and hips have to endure.

Will the ski~mojo affect my skiing technique?

Yes but only in a positive way! The ski~mojo should work with you when skiing. It maintain the correct posture , also as it takes less physical effort to ski, it is easier and you can ski for longer, all factors which help you to improve your skiing technique.

Will it hurt if I fall while wearing the ski~mojo?

Falling while wearing the ski~mojo should be no more uncomfortable than if you fell without one. In fact if anything it would be more comfortable. As the ski~mojo runs down the side of your leg it works as side impact protection bars, just like those on a car. However, under certain circumstances: if you fall on the top of the upper telescopic rod, it may cause bruising (in the same way as if you fell on your keys had your keys in your pocket and fell on them. We are intending to include padding to fit between these rods and your legs to help reduce the risk of bruising.

If you fall or are hit by another skier/boarder from the side then the ski~mojo will take the majority of the impact rather than your leg. It will spread the impact down the length of the ski~mojo which has the effect of cushioning any impact you receive. If you were not wearing the ski~mojo then any impact would be felt directly on the side of your leg.

We cannot make any claims that the ski~mojo is impact safety equipment. The above is based on the anecdotal evidence of several ski~mojo users.

What guarantee do you get with theski~mojo?

If it breaks as a result of impact, you'll probably just be grateful you had it on; as it would take twice the force to break the ski~mojo that it would to brake your leg. In the unlikely event that it broke as a result of mechanical failure or faulty components, there is a full warranty to cover replacement and repair within the first year.

What is the weight of a ski~mojo?

The total weight of the whole kit is 2Kg. What does need to be considered is the fact that when you are skiing theski~mojo is carrying some of your weight rather than you carrying its weight. The system is designed to reduce the amount of weight you body has to support while skiing. Therefore the ski~mojo carries its own weight.

Won't my thigh muscles just waste away if I use the ski~mojo?

The answer is a definite NO.

In fact you will probably build them up even more, as overall you will use them a lot more, just at a lower, safer work-level.

When we overwork our muscles they produce more Lactic Acid than they can cope with. It is this build up of Lactic Acid which causes "thigh burn" while skiing and stiff legs the next day. We overwork our thigh muscles in relation to the rest of our body when skiing, so it is usually the thigh muscles that limit the amount of skiing we can do. The rest of our body is up for more!

When you exercise you should try to keep your Heart Rate in the "Target Zone", 65%-85% of your maximum. Anything higher and you will be getting into the "Anaerobic Zone" which means you will be producing a lot of lactic acid in your muscles and you will tire very quickly. This is generally what happens when we ski.

Using the ski~mojo reduces the work that your thigh muscles have to do by around 33% and this is usually more than enough to keep you out of the "Anaerobic Zone" and in the "Target Zone". As a result you can ski longer and harder which increases your heart rate (within the Target Zone) which burns more calories thus helping burn fat faster and helping the heart to become fitter. Also, your knee cartilage and ligaments take a pounding when skiing. The ski~mojo acts as shock-absorbers, taking up to 30% of the strain off and therefore protecting the joints and offering skiing injury prevention.

ski~mojo turns your skiing day in to an all-round work out!