fitting questions

How long does it take to fit the ski~mojo?

The initial fitting should take no longer than 10 minutes, only one tool is required and that is a small Allen key that is supplied with the kit.

After that it will take very little time to put on and take off each day you ski. Simply put it on in your room before you put on your ski trousers (see fitting instructions for how to do this) then pull your ski trousers over the top and head down to the boot room to put on your ski boots. Once your ski boots are on then it's a simple case of connecting the ski~mojos to the attachments on your ski boots.

Do I need any tools to fit the ski~mojo?

The only tool that is required is a small Allen Key that you receive with the kit. This is used to tighten the boot attachment, tighten the telescopic boot-rod and adjust to the Power-Level required.

Will it fit under my ski trousers?

The ski~mojo has been advanced and improved to be more unobtrusive. It should fit comfortably under all standard ski trousers except possibly for the tight-fitting "racing style" ski pants.

What do I need to put on my ski boots?

There is a clamp for each boot that sits on the back of the shell of each boot. the clamps are tightened using the Allen Key supplied.

Once you are happy with the positioning, ideally you should fit the boot fittings permanently:- Drill a hole through the boot where the clamping screw sat on the shell of the boot and then use the clamping screw and nut to permanently fix the attachment. This permanent fitting method is recommended but optional as the clamp will work just as well (as long as it is not over tightened), but is a little bulkier.

We strongly recommend that you do not fit the attachments permanently until you have skied with the attachment clamped in position to start with, this way you are able to fine tune the position of the attachments, if required before committing to the permanent position.

Can I use the ski~mojo on hire boots?

Yes, the boot fitting that is supplied with the kit can be either permanent or temporary. It can therefore be clamped to the hire boot and then removed at the end of the hire without causing any damage to the ski boot.

What do I do if I change my ski boots?

This is not a problem; simply remove the attachments from your old boots and re-fit on to your new boots.

Does the ski~mojo come in different sizes?

No the ski~mojo is one-size-fits-all. It has telescopic adjustments to fit your leg size. The posture belt has multiple settings so you simply select the correct setting for you.

The only choice that you need to make is what power-level you need to select. There are different strength power-units that can be fitted within the ski~mojo The power unit you select relates to your weight. Select the appropriate power-unit for your body weight when ordering. This is the only difference between the ski~mojos.

Can I adjust the ski~mojo to my exact weight?

The ski~mojo is sold in three different powers. These are Yellow, Red and Blue. The three power levels each cover different ranges of weight.

Each colour is suitable for weights within a range. The power Level can be can be adjusted to any weight within that range.