One minute to install

Feel 20 years younger

Get rid of your pain

Increase your safety

Boost your thighs - Relieve your hips and back - Reduce the pressure on your knees - Delay muscle fatigue - Reduce the risk of injury

The spring stores energy when knees are bending - it releases this energy in the next turn, giving more power.

Endurance - Pleasure - Safety - Performance

Invisible under your ski pants - Stop talking - it's time to act!

Easy to Use: The Ski Mojo is easy to use. Simply put on, click in & ski all day!

The Ski Mojo is invisible under your ski pants!

Enjoy Your Skiing , shock absorbing springs reduce pain and fatigue keeping you on the slopes for longer.

Proven, Tested, & Endorsed. An award winning, patented product which has helped thousands of skiiers and boarders stay on the slopes for over 10 years

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