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Dr Rowntree

How the ski~mojo has allowed me to continue skiing

Skiing is great fun and makes a very enjoyable holiday, but it is also a physically demanding sport, involving considerable exertion at altitude. Being physically fit and doing some ski specific exercises beforehand not only enhances your enjoyment of the sport but also helps to prevent injury.

For some people though, despite making efforts to be in the best shape possible before skiing , their lack of physical condition, be it from illness, or injury, or simply getting older, means that aches and pains and tiredness can start to spoil their enjoyment of skiing or worse still means they have to give up skiing completely

This is where the ski~mojo comes in. I first came across it when I developed a neurological illness similar to MS which left the muscles in my legs very weak. Being a very keen skier I set about looking for ways to continue skiing and chanced upon the Mojo. For me, it is fantastic. Quite simply, I couldn’t ski without it. Despite considerable mobility problems and fatigue caused by my illness, wearing the Mojo I can still ski as I used to. I’m particularly keen on off piste skiing, and have used the Mojo successfully on a variety of terrains including the steep and deep, and moguls and have found it gives me the support I need without hindering me at all and I can still ski at full speed. Furthermore it minimises the fatigue effect as it does so much of the work for me, that my legs are no longer able to do. Faced with the prospects of having to give up skiing, or turn to sit skiing, the Mojo has been a revelation. Far from using it as an excuse to be lazy and not keep fit, it gives me the opportunity to exercise and because it enables me to continue to ski, it has given me the motivation to keep as fit as I possibly can.

From this personal experience, and having worked for 20years as a GP, I can see that it could be of benefit to people in a variety of circumstances:'

Age – one of the great things about skiing is that you can enjoy it well into old age, but as the years take their toll, the Mojo will be a great adjunct and could permit many more years of enjoyable skiing than might otherwise be possible.

Arthritic Problems- the Mojo could make a big difference to skiers with arthritic problems particularly of their knees but also of their feet, ankles, hip and even back, as it off loads the legs, acts as a shock absorber smoothing out the ride, and helps to correct the posture. A lot of skiers have problems with painful knees and the Mojo could make a huge difference , though knee problems can be complex and the Mojo alone is not always appropriate. Seek advice from own physician and see also Dr Binet’s advice re knee conditions.

Neurological  illnesses –the Mojo could  be of interest to skiers with disability resulting from neurological problems, particularly Multiple Sclerosis, and the early stages of Parkinson’s disease as well as those with peripheral neuropathies and myopathies.

Where injury has left the leg(s) weakened , or illness has resulted in general debility and lack of stamina and reduced exercise tolerance.  Also useful in chronic fatigue conditions.

If your skiing enjoyment is being limited by one of these conditions, from my personal experience,  I would recommend giving it a go, and hopefully it will make as much difference to you as it did to me.

Dr Clare Rowntree MBBS , BSc, MRCGP