To date  none of our users has reported any significant skiing specific injuries (other than bumps and bruises sustained from falling). The few minor skiing injuries that have been reported were of a nature that the ski~mojo could not be expected to prevent.
We have surveyed our customers on a few occasions and if the customers surveyed were of  a "typical" cross-section of skiers, based on the level of response received  we would have expected  reports of several major knee injuries, as well as many minor ones.
As many of our customers have already suffered knee injuries,  they are typically more likely to suffer from subsequent knee injuries, which makes the fact that we have not had a single knee injury reported all the more remarkable.  

Dr M H Binet (click image to right)
World renowned ski physician who is a Board Member of ISSS (International Society for skiing Safety) and Secretary-Treasurer of SITMESH (The International Society for Skiing Traumatology and Winter Sports Medicine)
Dr Binet is intending to fully research the medical benefits of using the ski~mojo  In the meantime, he has given us the following statement.

Dr Mike Langran: Returning to the slopes after a knee injury. (click image to right)
Dr Langran is the ski patrol doctor at CairnGorm Mountain in the Scottish Highlands and a GP (family doctor). He is also Director of the Scottish Snow Sports Safety Study, UK secretary of SITEMSH (International Society for Skiing Traumatology and Winter Sports Medicine) and Board member and UK National Secretary of the ISSS (International Society for Skiing Safety).

"Options that may be worth considering include the purchase of a protective knee brace, or the use of a ski~mojo..."

Dr Clare Rowntree: How the ski~mojo has kept me skiing. (click image to right)
Dr Rowntree is a GP of over 20 years.
Here she gives her personal experience of how the ski~mojo has helped her continue to ski despite a debilitating illness and makes a strong case for how the ski~mojo might help others too.

Evaluation of Muscular EMG Activity Variations (click image to right)
Results of research into the effect wearing a ski~mojo has on muscular activity conducted by Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Padova, Italy.