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Wearing ski~mojo

How do I go to the loo?
Simply slacken the belt adjusters at the ends of the Posture Strap, disconnect the posture strap from the telescopic arms and move it out of the way (best lifted around your waist and the adjuster tabs pulled tight), then proceed as normal. Reverse the procedure to re-attach when ready.

Can I use it with my knee brace?
Many people find that using the ski~mojo alleviates the need to wear a knee support or knee brace. However if you do need to wear a knee brace then the ski~mojo should fit easily over any knee brace.

How do I get on the ski lift and sit down for lunch?
The ski~mojo can be switched on and off with the flick of a switch (actually two switches - one on each leg, you should always switch both switches on or off at the same time i.e. don't walk around or ski with one leg switched on and one switched off). Whenever you take your skis off you should turn off the ski~mojo so you can then move around freely. You can sit down, drive a car (take your ski boots off too!) and get on the ski lifts, in fact do almost everything as though the ski~mojo was not there.
The only time you really need to switch the ski~mojo off while you have you skis on, is before you ride a chair lift. Switch off while queuing for the chairlift, get on the chairlift as normal. If you forget to switch off before you get on a chair lift you may find riding the lift uncomfortable as your legs will be being pushed straight, simply switch off then if you can, fully straighten your legs and the mojos will dis-engage.

Can I walk normally while wearing it?
As with the answer to "How do I get on the ski lift and sit down for lunch" - yes. All you need to do is turn off the ski~mojo and fully straighten your legs to dis-engage, then walk as normal. It is like you have not got it on.

Can I drive in it?
Yes, just turn off the ski~mojo and drive as normal. Just ensure the ski~mojo neopren kne support straps are reasonably tight so there is no risk of it slipping down while driving (and make sure that you're not wearing your ski boots).

How do I switch it on and off?
There is a switch halfway down the side of each leg. To turn the ski~mojo on/off just flick the switches on each leg and then once you straighten your leg the ski~mojo will switch on or off, depending on what you selected.

Can I wear it outside my skiwear?
It is NOT recommended; but yes you can. However:- 
  • There is more chance of the switches getting knocked accidentally.
  • The posture strap could potentially catch on chairlifts etc.
  • You cannot pull your ski trousers down over your ski boots.
  • If snow gets into the mechanism it can get frozen and potentially jam the mechanism.